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An Undergraduate Student Trying to Make it Bigg

Thanks for stopping by my website; my name is Nathan Patnam, and I am currently senior at Wofford College pursuing a B.A in Computer Science. Besides learning how to write and design better software I love to cook, workout and play tennis. In my spare time, I write articles on the tech industry on Medium as well as post YouTube about data structures and implementing them in Python.

In terms of my past internships I have done web development at UnitedHealth Group, data science at Microsoft, and iOS/Android development (using React-Native) at Honda. I am trying to learn more about data storytelling where I take large datasets and tell the overarching story behind it using Pandas and NumPy.

Services I can offer

Programming & Python Tutoring

I tutor in general programming, front-end web development as well as Python and Java. I tutor on Wyzant, and I have served as a computer science peer tutor at Wofford College.

Web Development

I can design and create websites. Let's get in contact, and I can schedule a 15-30 minute free consultation with you.

Software Development

Have a problem that you think could be solved by some software, shoot me an email saying what you want and we can go from there!

Internship Searching

Need some help/advice finding and getting a CS internship, let's get in contact, and I'll see if I can help!


- Education -

  • Wofford College

    Pursuing a B.S. Computer Science

    May 2015 - Present
    Expected Graduation: Dec 2019

    ● GPA: 3.65/4.0 & CS GPA 3.87/4.0

    ● Served as Pi Kappa Phi’s treasurer where I managed a budget of $25,000 for 6 events across the year (Jan 17 – Dec 17). Increased savings in organization’s checking account by 5% ($1000) over my one-year term.

    ● Serve as Vice President for my school's ACM chapter


    Online Courses

    Completing Courses when I have time:

    ● Python Programming: Beginner Course

    ● Python Programming: Intermediate Course

    ● Git And Version Control Course

    ● Pandas And NumPy Fundamentals Course

    ● Python For Data Science: Fundamentals Course

    ● Python For Data Science: Intermediate Course

  • Udemy

    Online Courses

    Completing Courses when I have time

    ● The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner To Expert

  • freeCodeCamp

    Responsive Web Design Certificate

    October 2017 - Present

    ● Currently enrolled in freeCodeCamp's front-end web devolopment class organized by SC codes.

  • Southside High School

    High School Diploma

    Sept 2011 - May 2015

    ● Speech and Debate, Varsity Tennis, Gardening Club

- Employment -

  • Honda

    Software Engineer Intern

    Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

    ● Built React Native apps with AWS Lambda, Firebase, and Azuga API to prototype new driving experiences.

    ● Designed, developed and deployed AWS CI & CD platform using Docker to publish a new version of the iOS and Android native-code build on every commit. Utilized Redux and Redux-Persist to maintain state on device.

    ● Increase app’s scalability and security by using Firebase’s token authentication and NoSQL cloud database.

  • Microsoft

    Software Engineer Intern

    May 2018 - August 2018

    ● Initiated an investigation, and identified trends in user interaction with the Windows settings application. From trends, trained a ML model to mine association rules from settings usage big data in COSMOS using SCOPE.

    ● From ML results and association rules, created a C# application to recommend to users, settings to change based off of prior user activity, and uses Cortana Show Me to provide a tutorial about the recommended setting.

  • Wyzant

    Programming Tutor

    March 2018 - Present

    ● Tutor and mentor 23 people online for 70 total hours. Covered topics such as the process of TDD, using APIs, OOP, SOLID principles, unit vs. acceptance testing, design patterns, algorithms and data structures. View my Wyzant profile and schedule a tutoring session with me!

  • Upwork

    Web and Software Developer

    Jan 2018 - Present
    Finished Projects:

    ● Cryptocurrency ROI Calculator with Facebook Sharing Results Feature Upwork Profile

  • Wofford College

    .NET Developer

    Jan 2017 - Oct 2017

    ● Developed 5 web forms in .NET using HTML, CSS JavaScript, jQuery, Git, VB, and MySQL using Microsoft SQL server. Increased branch coverage with better unit tests. Used Ektron, a CMS, to make updates on Wofford’s websites.

  • UnitedHealth Group

    Software Engineering Intern

    June 2017 - Aug 2017

    ● Led an agile team of 5 interns to create 4 SharePoint pages using HTML, CSS, jQuery, SPServices, and REST.

    ● Streamlined intern hiring with a custom SharePoint web form. Saved 350 hours of manager time (est. $13,000 annually) for the office in Schaumburg, Ill., and prepared to deploy nationally.

  • Wofford College

    Computer Science Peer Tutor

    April 2017 - May 2017

    ● Tutored 1 tutee weekly, explaining classes, methods, recursion, etc. in-depth, and implementing them in Python.

Technical Skills

HTML, Bootstrap & CSS
Javascript & jQuery
Python / Django & Flask
C, C++, C#

Awards and Accomplishments

  • HopHacks Fall '2017

    Deloitte's "the best user experience" award

    John Hopkins University

  • Dean's List (Semester GPA 3.6+)

    Wofford College

    Spartanburg, SC

  • 4/9 Regionally & 23/71 overall

    2016 ACM SE Regional Programming Contest

    Charleston, SC



Web app to organize and publicize needle exchanges with a focus on anonymity.

Technologies Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, BootStrap, SQLite, Flask

Portfolio Image


NeedleXchange allows organizers to create needle exchange events. Drug users, or their friends and relatives, can search for the nearest needle exchange by zip code or address. They can also anonymously subscribe by simply entering their email address or phone number (this will allow them to get alerts when a new event is created in their area). Used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQLite, Google Maps API, and Flask. Won's Deloitte's company sponsored award at HopHacks Fall '17 (out of 44 teams) for having "the best user experience."

See Project

ROI Calculator

A calculator to calculate the return on investment of cryptocurrencies

Technologies Used:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, BootStrap

Portfolio Image

Cryptocurreny ROI Calculator

Created for a client that wanted to be able to calculate the return on investment for cryptocurrencies and be able to share the results on Facebook.

See Live

Java Argument Parser

A Java package that can parse arguments from the command line or XML file

Technologies Used

Java, JUnit, Gradle, Jacoco

Portfolio Image

Awesome Project Title

Developed a Java package that parses arguments from the command-line. Worked in 3-week sprints, conducted daily stand-ups with a 4-man team, and practiced TDD using JUnit. My teacher served as the product owner and at the beggining of the class he gave my team the product backlog to work through during the semester.

See Live

VR Web Form

Web Form done for a private VR company

Technologies Used:

HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavasScript, jQuery

Portfolio Image

VR Web Form

VR web form done for a client (private job).

See Upwork Profile

Social Media Clone

Created a Social Media Website from a PSD

Technologies Used:


Portfolio Image

Social Media User Profile

Created a social media user profile page.

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